Student Life

About Dubai

The Dubai Advantage
As a truly global city, Dubai presents many advantages to students. Dubai has emerged in the last few years as the main business hub of the region covering not only the Middle East but also Central Asia as well as the Indian Sub-Continent. Dubai is also the ideal location for multi-national companies operating in the region with more than one-third of the World’s Fortune 500 companies present. With a booming and largely diversified economy, the development of highly specialized industries, and the presence of prestigious companies, living and studying in Dubai is a definite advantage. For students, it offers the opportunity to be exposed to a cosmopolitan and multicultural society with a large growth of employment opportunities, particularly for Business School graduates.

A Vibrant Campus Life

Office of Student Services
The Office of Student Services provides support and assistance to our students to help them integrate into the IMT community. The office also provides advice for personal development and looks after services such as housing, student activities and sports activities.

Sports and Social Activities
Through support from the University, IMT Dubai students organize a number of different sports and social events held on campus and within Dubai. These events are generally free to attend and often include students from other universities within Dubai International Academic City. IMT Dubai also offers sports facilities on campus and students often participate in inter-university competitions and corporate/amateur leagues.

Cultural Events
Students are encouraged to engage within cultural activities. The presence of other universities in close proximity in Academic City provides students with a variety of cultural activities including concerts, theatre, music and cinema. Within IMT-Dubai, students are encouraged to organize screenings, festivals, seminars, exhibitions and other events for which the University provides support.

Our Sports Clubs

At IMT Dubai, we believe that it is equally important for students to keep their bodies active just like their minds. Therefore, we encourage our students to join one of our sporting teams or even start up their own if their interest isn’t already represented!

Many of our sports teams stepped forward and competed in the DIAC Sports cup 2013.

  • Our IMT Swimming team won 2nd place
  • Our IMT Badminton team won 2nd place
  • Our IMT 100 meter relay team (GIRLS) won 3rd place
  • Our Anuj Inani won 3rd position in the Long Jump
  • Our IMT Table tennis team won 3rd place

Our fantastic Table Tennis team has also further distinguished itself by winning Runners-Up in the Table Tennis Tournament at the Skyline Inter-University Sports Festival!


Every year, IMT Dubai organizes several student committees which keep the students fully in touch with all campus activities as well as providing excellent work experience for those to volunteer to be part of this network.

Extra-Curricular Activities Committee
The Extra Curricular Activities Committee plans and executes non-academic activities such as Trips & Excursions, Music shows and game nights as well as our widely celebrated Vaudeville Festival!

Sports Committee
The Sports Committee takes organizes our sports related competitions and events as well as taking care of practice sessions and sports equipment requirements.

Corporate Committee
The Corporate Committee executes corporate related activities such as our industrial visits, guest lecturers and alumni networking events.

Media/PR Committee
The Media Committee photographs and creates write-ups for our events as well as preparing each semester’s newsletter which is greatly enjoyed by the students.

MESS/ Residence Committee
The Residence Committee plans and organizes residence related activities.

Annual Events

Every year, IMT Dubai is proud to host a variety of events for the entertainment and edification of our students. Here you will find a list of both all upcoming events as well as some of our most recent and prominent Student events.

Freshers Party
To welcome the new batch of students, IMT Dubai holds a freshers party to start the year off right. The celebrations include a competition for Mr. and Mrs. Freshers and the accompaniment of a professional DJ to keep the party going.

Farewell Party
Our final adieu to our senior batch is done in style every year. Organized by our Extra Curricular Activities Committee, this event always proves to be great success and is ensured to leave our students smiling.

IMT Dubai is proud to hold this annual festival which celebrates the thriving business and arts community within Dubai’s student life. This two day event brings together several of the area’s most prominent universities and their students with its rich variety of activities. These include the Fashion Fiesta, The Vaudeville Dance Competition, Treasure Hunt and many others.

Other events

IMT Dubai Earth Day 28th of March 2014
In honor of Earth day, IMT Dubai arranged a series of activities to get everyone involved in raising awareness of the importance of conserving our earth. These activities included a Painting competition where competitors were encouraged to create posters campaigning for Earth Day as well as an Earth Day quiz and a ‘How to make IMT Dubai a green campus’ idea contest. The festivities were topped off with a Human formation of 60+ arranged in our campus grounds.

Incubation Week 3rd to 5th of March 2014
This year saw the formation of our first ever Incubation Week. A course was provided on Emergent Technologies and students were given the brilliant opportunity of turning their dream business model into reality!

On 26th of February 2014, IMT Dubai was honored to uphold the great tradition of independently organized TEDx talks, dedicated to Ideas worth spreading. Our speakers spoke on the theme of ‘The Lateral Perspective’ which is the ability to approach an issue from a novel viewpoint and it involves generating alternate solutions to common problems via unorthodox methods. All of our speaker’s talks are available online through the TEDx Talks YouTube page.

Why is it scary to take decisions: Mahender Singh at TEDxIMTDubai

You cannot learn music: Ebin George at TEDxIMTDubai

Front seat on the Independent movement: Shreyas Srinivasan at TEDxIMTDubai

44 countries. 3 years. 1 mission: Karl Haddad at TEDxIMTDubai

Let’s learn to learn: Alaa Garad at TEDxIMTDubai

Social Entrepreneurship for Good: Ramakrishna N K at TEDxIMTDubai

Business secrets from 32000 BC: Phil Bedford at TEDxIMTDubai

I am here, I am there: Fayeq Oweis at TEDxIMTDubai

Face the Music 20th of February 2014
“No auditions, no selections, no constraints, just music.” Served as the slogan for this beautiful event, held purely to celebrate the beauty of music and the effect it has on us.

Factory Visits 2014

IMT Dubai has been proud to continue the tradition of bringing its students on visits to the best that the manufacturing industry in the UAE has to offer every year.

So far in 2014, our students have visited:

  • The Landmark Group
  • Masafi

Factory Visits 2013

Several Factory visits were organized for our students in 2013.

These included visits to the factories of:

  • Ducab
  • Dubal
  • DP World
  • Al Rawabi
  • Coca-Cola

Guest Lecturers 2013

IMT Dubai also hosts several distinguished visiting lecturers every year. This allows our students to learn from their many years of experience and widen their view of their chosen industry.

Our Speakers for 2013 were:

S.No. Name of the Speaker Speaker details Topic(s) Date
 1. Mr. Iyad Mourtada Managing Director, Open thinking Blue Ocean Strategy October,18,2013
2.  Dr. Vasiliy Starostin Professor in Brand management, University of Moscow 1. Business environment in Russia.
2. Brand management in Russian Businesses.
3. Dr Easwar Krishna Iyer Associate Professor Marketing, Grate Lakes, Chennai Cloud Product and Service Continuum , ( A Marketeer Prospective ) November,21,2013
 4. Dr Easwar Krishna Iyer Associate Professor Marketing, Grate Lakes, Chennai NPV analysis of Cloud services November,23,2013
 5. Mr. Vijay Ramachandran Overview of Bond Instruments November,22,2013
 6. Dr Easwar Krishna Iyer Associate Professor Marketing, Grate Lakes, Chennai Corporate Strategy Case : Designing a Middle-East Oil and Gas distribution system November,22,2013
7. Dr. Sammy Nathan Garas PhD in Accounting,
CPA :- Certified Public Accountant,CMA-Certified Management Accountant,
CIA-Certified Internal Auditor,CISA,Certified Information System Auditor,CFE-Certified Fraud Examiner,CFF-Certified Forensic Financial,CAMS-Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialist,CIPFA-Certified in Public Sector International Accounting Standard
(Head of Business Development)
Universities and schools,
Career in Financial services  and Certifications to enhance career prospects. November,27,2013
 8. Mr Binoj Nair Manager – Sales Canon Middle East
United Arab Emirates
Marketing and sales aspects in middle east December,6,2013
 9. Dr. Aditya Srinivas COO, BSE Brokers Forum  Indian Capital Markets & Behavioral Finance December,7,2013