Message from the Director

The world is full of new challenges and constant opportunities to learn and grow. The world that looks flat is becoming more curve. Economics and Business fundamental are changing fast, the roles and responsibilities of professional managers needs to be aligned to these realities. The managerial careers in future will face more challenges.

IMT Dubai is transforming itself amidst all these new challenges which we believe is providing us with constant opportunities to learn and grow.
In the last few months we have build-up new optimism, new energy, a growing sense of team-work and camaraderie hence we are on the move to provide the best quality education in this region with a global outlook.
Our education is truly a Dubai Experience with Global Impact. With our very own Middle East Immersion Program, we immerse our students to the challenges of MENA region and Gulf countries, emerge them into the dynamics of industry and provide them opportunities to learn company level challenges with a project.
We have built substantial capabilities to become a regional leader in business education. We have built a strong faculty student connect, improved approachability and moved towards building more reflections, learning and pedagogy in our curriculums.
A strong talented peer group both from industry and government provides beyond classroom learning which is complemented by brilliant academicians, management guru and influential speakers from across the world. A world-class faculty team is ever ready to enhance your learning experience at IMT Dubai.

I invite you to come and experience the learning at IMT Dubai.