Independence Day’16 Celebrations

The students and faculty of IMT Ghaziabad DCP and IMT Dubai together celebrated and commemorated the Indian Independence Day on the IMT Dubai campus with great fervor and enthusiasm. No matter how ‘modern’ or ‘western’ we become in our sensibilities, this special day still evokes a sense of patriotism and belonging.

Although we were not in our homeland, the celebration could not have been more impassioned and heartfelt. Dr. Harvinder Singh, Dr. Anand Agarwal, Dr. Santanu Roy and Mr. Sami Al Baroudi, typified the same in their speeches and reminding us that shaping the future of India and its sustained growth is paramount.

The students were also equally a part of the commemoration. Shreyes Geetakrishnan, a student of DCP spoke of how us Indians have a Dight knit bond with our culture and traditions. Following which Jathin Jacob, sang a stirring rendition of a famous patriotic Indian song. Thereafter the students of IMT Dubai performed a skit on the hardships that Indians faced during the BriDsh rule.

The celebration then ended with the two national anthems, with the UAE national anthem followed by the Indian. It was a perfect encapsulation of the bond and mutual respect between the two countries and how we, as students, are benefitting from the best of both worlds.





IMT Dubai