Event Venue: IMT Dubai, Hall no. 10-11

Date: 29th November 2014

Time: 6:00 p.m.

Title: Industry 4.0 – 4th Industrial Revolution

Mr. Sharad Mahendra is the Global Sales & Marketing Head of JSW Steel Ltd. He is an alum of the prestigious NIT-Allahabad where he did his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. He has an immense experience of 25 years in the Automobile & Steel Industry. He specializes in corporate branding, product branding and communication with media in national and international forums. He is also the Chairman of Sapphire Technologies, an IT company that handles the e-commerce of JSW Steel through a portal called ‘www.steelemart.com’. He is a recipient of the ‘Hall of Fames Award’ for the ‘Most Dynamic Marketing & Communication Professional’ in London, 2012. He is also known for his unique marketing initiative of setting up Branded Retail Outlets in the global steel industry.

Mr. Sharad spoke on the evolution of manufacturing in future with special reference to the steel industry. The Industry 4.0 refers to the 4th Industrial Revolution which ushers an era of smart factories.

The lecture gave a useful insight on how the manufacturing sector works and how it is important for a growing economy. He spoke about the latest trends in manufacturing sector, share of manufacturing in total GDP and the drivers of global manufacturing competitiveness. This lecture was especially helpful for people who have not worked in manufacturing sector before. Mr. Sharad spoke on how manufacturing sector is poised in India right now and how it is expected to grow. He supported his views with facts and figures. He stressed on the imperatives for growth of Indian economy and stated that manufacturing, being an engine for economic growth would stimulate the development and help the country attain its economic vision. He also advised the students that Indian Economy is expected to develop at an astonishing rate and students should be looking for jobs within India. One of the factors that would drive the growth is boost given to the manufacturing sector by the present government. He concluded by saying that the way forward was to leverage skill, scale and speed to compete on a global level through policy reforms, infrastructure, manufacturing and “rurbanization” (creating urban facilities in rural areas).

In all it was an informative interaction between the students of IMT Dubai and Mr. Sharad. It would be fair to say this session helped to do away most of the myths about manufacturing sector which the students had.

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