Module A: Foundations of Business Module B:Managing the Functional Areas Module C:Managing People and Organizations Module D: Leadership and Strategy Module E:Concentration
*Economics for Business *Marketing Management *Organizational Behavior *International Business Stratergy *Elective 1
*Accounting for Decision Making *Financial Management *Legal and Ethical Aspects of Business *Stratergic Management *Elective 2
*Data and Decision Making *Operations Management *Business Communication *Elective 3 / Project 1
*Business Informatics *Elective 4 / Project 2


Electives courses and projects of Module E allow specialization in One or two concentrations from the following four:

  • Project and Operations Management
  • Marketing and Retail Management
  • International Banking and Finance
  • Human Resource Management

Program structure

Our Executive MBA Program is conducted over a period of one year and is structured in five short but intensive modules which will allow you to balance your work life while engaging your course. The Program has a total of 36 credits, with each credit representing 15 hours of class time. There are 16 courses in total, or 14 courses and two internships/projects.

The Program will be conducted in a block structure, with courses covered over the weekend. Each weekend will15 hours (or 1 credit) worth of classes, spanning Thursday (5-10 pm) and Friday (9am-6pm).

Core Courses

The following will be the 12 core courses in covered by you in Modules A through D as your mandatory courses (click on any module to expand).

  • Module 1 – Foundations of Business
  • Module 2 – Managing the Functional Areas
  • Module 3 – Managing People and Organizations
  • Module 4 – Leadership & Strategy
  • Module 5 – Concentrations

Elective Courses

Module E will be tailor made by you once you select four elective courses from the following majors.

  • International Banking & Finance
  • Marketing and Retail Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Project and Operations Management.

You can select courses from up to two concentrations. You will also be encouraged to select Internships and/or Consulting Projects instead of two elective courses in Module E. These thesis-based courses will be conducted within your workplace, and supervised by a faculty member as well by a local company supervisor.

Learning Model

Our Executive MBA program which is ideally suited for busy professionals with limited free time, offers a unique learning experience shared between highly motivated potential leaders and our experienced faculty. You will be encouraged to bring work issues and real world scenarios, in the form of projects, cases and panel discussions, while will then be used in class under faculty input and supervision to gain insights, solutions and aid in your career development.

Your Executive MBA activities will be therefore conducted in three folds:

  • Faculty Lectures (30%)
  • Faculty Experiences (20%)
  • Student Experiences (50%)
Study Hours:
The following is the overall schedule of your classroom hours per course.
  • Thursdays, 17:00 – 22:00
  • Fridays, 09:00 – 18:00

Note: There will be a break of 10 minutes for each study hour listed above (except during your final exams). The administration of these breaks will be at the discretion of your faculty.

Assessment/Grading system:

The following table gives you the breakdown of your grading percentage during a 3-credit course.

  • Week 1: Project (or two Mini-Projects) [20%], Mini-Case 1 [10%]
  • Week 2: Mini-Case 2 [10%], Assignment [10%], Midterm Exam [10%]
  • Week 3: Mini-Case 3 [10%]
  • Week 4: Final Exam [30%]