Dr. Kirti Khanzode Dr. Kirti Khanzode
Associate Professor
Ph.D, Barkatullah University
English & Management Communication

Dr. Kirti is a faculty in the area of Business and Management Communication at IMT Dubai. She completed her Ph. D in English from Barkatullah University, Bhopal in 2006. She has 15 years of teaching experience in higher education, out of which 7 years is UAE experience. Besides teaching, Dr. Kirti has done corporate training for diverse corporate sectors in Dubai such as Banking & Finance, Construction, Retail etc. She was also associated with British Council, New Delhi as a certified trainer and oral examiner for Business English Certificate Exam (CESOL). During the span of her teaching career, she has taught learners of diverse nationalities and age groups. Before joining IMT, Dr. Kirti worked as a full time faculty at SP Global Business, Dubai for 3 years.





Dr. Kirti is on the advisory board of Content Vitamin a Company that provides content writing solutions to businesses organizations. (www.contentvitamin.com).

Dr. Kirti’s research interests are: impact of communication skills in selection and recruitment, communication and leadership skills, communication in enhancing customer satisfaction, grapevine and management communication, public speaking, nonverbal communication, subliminal communication in business, feedback as tool for effective communication.

Her Teaching interests are Business and Management Communication, Written Communication and Analysis, Interpersonal Skills, Presentation Skills, Report Writing, Cross Cultural Communication, Conflict Management, Negotiation Skills.

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