Dr. Gita Bajaj

Dr. Gita Bajaj
Ph.D, Aligarh Muslim University
HR and Business Communication

Dr Gita Bajaj is a Professor of HR, OB and Business Communication at the Institute of Management Technology Dubai. She is a member of the Board of Studies, All India Management Association (AIMA)-CME. Prior to joining IMT D, she has been Chairperson MBA Programme, Chairperson PGPIM (MBA International Management), Chairperson International Relations and New Initiatives, Chairperson MDI International Summer University and Chairperson Corporate Communication at the Management Development Institute (MDI) Gurgaon India. She played a pivotal role in setting up the MDI International University. She was the founder editor of, HT Horizons the education supplement of Indian national daily, The Hindustan Times. Later she also was the editors of The HT Careers. She was a columnist with The Pioneer and has also opined on several occasions in The Indian Express, The Economic Times, The Financial Express and the India Today. She has 23 years experience, 12 years in the industry and 11 years in academia. She is a PhD in Business Administration from AMU Aligarh and a B.Tech (E & C) from TIET Patiala India. In 2010, she completed GCPCL at Harvard Business School, Boston USA and is an HBS Affiliate. Dr Bajaj is a licensed Practitioner of Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP). She is a prolific writer and is extensively published in peer reviewed international publications. Along with a colleague she was bestowed a Gold Medal for writing the Best Case All India in the ISB IVEY Case Writing Competition 2010. Her areas of research and consulting interest are General Management, Strategic Communication (Cross Cultural Communication, Crisis Communication, Communication for Managing Change/ Organizational Turnaround, Communication Strategies for Employee Engagement), Influencing and Negotiation Skills, Gender Issues and Leadership.

  • Influencing and Negotiation Skills
  • Managerial Communications – I
  • Managerial Communications – II
  • Case Writing
  • Cross Cultural Communication and Organizational Behaviour


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