Dr. Mahendra Raj
Dr. Mahendra Raj
Ph.D, University of Arizona, USA

Professor Raj was the Professor of Finance and the Dean of the College of Business at the University of Sharjah before joining IMT Dubai. Prior to this he was Professor and Director of Research at Robert Gordon University in UK. Prof. Raj did his undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering followed by MBA, MS and PhD from USA.
Prof. Raj was a Commissioner with the Competition Commission for UK, the 2nd oldest competition authority in the world. He was a Commissioner with the Accounts Commission of Scotland which is responsible for monitoring £20bn of public money.
He was a Consultant to the Commonwealth Secretariat, London. He was also the Editor of Studies in Economics and Finance, an Emerald journal, for more than 12 years and is in the editorial board of several other international journals.

Agency Theory, Mergers, Market Efficiency, Market Anomalies, Trading Strategies, Mutual Fund Performance, Banking, Capital Structure, Options and Futures Markets, Behavioral Finance.

Financial Management, Corporate Finance, International Finance, Investments, Derivatives, Risk and Insurance, Financial Markets, Portfolio Management.


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