Program Details >

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program aims to provide students with the academic knowledge and practical experience that will give them transferable skills for employment in their chosen specialized field.

BSBA Learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of social, economic, cultural, geo-political and ethical environment in which businesses operate.
  • Demonstrate understanding and mastery of functional business knowledge and business processes.
  • Deploy relevant techniques for effective financial management of Business.
  • Plan, design and manage manufacturing and service operations.
  • Explore, critically evaluate and efficiently apply marketing concepts and processes in business.
  • Demonstrate the ability to use the theoretical knowledge acquired in the classroom to solve complex business issues and apply them to real business operations.
  • Interpret and communicate business data and information competently.

Curriculum >

The program consists of four components:

  • Foundation (60 Credits)
  • Concentrations (24 Credits)
  • Core Courses (30 Credits)
  • Internships (6 Credits)